Arizona Viper Club

Upcoming Events for 2020

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September 19 - Run to Prescott
-Meetup I-17 and carefree highway at 8:30, depart 9:00
-West to Wickenburg, through Yarnell to Prescott
-Lunch at Hassayampa Inn downtown Prescott
-Return home (back through Yarnell or via I-17, you choose)

October 2-5 - Track event at Big Willow w SoCal VOA and West Coast Racing

 - Big Willow is the track featured in Ford vs. Ferrari
- 4 run groups by skill/experience
- Professional instruction available
- Street cars welcome, need not be only Vipers
- We have somewhere between 2 and 4 cars registered at present. Email me if interested in joining
- $325 fee covers track time for the weekend
More info:

October 17 - Cruise to Tucson
- Meetup place and time to be announced
- Depart Phx around 9:00
- I-10 to Tucson and on to Mt. Lemon
- Drive to summit
- Lunch at Lemon Shark Poke (member Jeffrey Binder’s place, food is amazing!)
- Return home

Nov 28, 29 – Sonoita wineries (?)  and Inde Motorsports
- Details to be confirmed
- Sat drive to Sonoita and tour wineries (those inclined)
- Sat overnight Wilcox, either on site Indy or hotel in town
- Sun race at Inde
- Sun afternoon (or Monday) return home
- We expect to have SoCal and possibly CenCal folks joining us for this event

December 5
Holiday-more info to come


April 28 to May 2, 2021
NVE4 - Miami and the Keys